Reclaim Your Power, Live Beyond Childhood Sexual Trauma 


About This Book

As a childhood survivor of prolonged sexual abuse and rape. I spent many years blaming myself for the abuse I suffered. I believe that I was somehow responsible for being targeted by my abuser and I deserved what took place. I was reliving in my trauma even after it was over and I felt alone, depressed, and hollow. I wanted to move on with my life.


Like me, you may have or still find it difficult to not blame yourself for the traumatic experiences you endured as a child and live the life you deserve. In It Was Him, Not Me,  I explain the different techniques I  implement in my daily life that helped me to place the blame at my abuser's feet and live beyond the sexual trauma that I experienced as a child.

In this book, you will discover:


  • One of the most important factors in taking back your life.
  • How I release the self-blame and stopped asking the "Why me" question.
  • Strategies I implement in my daily life to help regulate my emotions.
  • How I reclaimed my sexual self and began to enjoy my sexuality without shame or guilt.
  • The importance of validating one's feelings to help reconnect with your body and restore trust in yourself.
  • You will discover how to live beyond your sexual trauma, create your happiness on your terms, and live without inhibitions.  


Be the hero of your own story!

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About the author

Monique Nastasia Peterkin is an aspiring author who has dedicated her life to helping those who have experienced sexual trauma by taking them through a journey of healing to enable them to reclaim their power and take control of their lives again. This is the same journey she passed through victoriously as a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. 

Monique attained a bachelor’s degree in International Business after which she pursued her Master’s in Political Communication. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Trauma Psychology which enables her to assist trauma victims more professionally. As an honorable discharged navy veteran, she is a woman of integrity who advocates for justice for the offended. She is a bold writer who does not shy away from topics that everyone is afraid to talk about. Drawing inspiration from her stories, Monique uses her books as a platform to speak up about issues plaguing the society at the moment with her views that are honest and straight from the heart.


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